Air Conditioner HISENSE AS-12HR4SVDDK1


Air Conditioner HISENSE AS-12HR4SVDDK1


Modes Cooling/Heating
The compartment includes Internal block, external block, remote control panel
Other functions Moisture, sleep mode, turbo mode, air circulation, timer programmer
Country of Origin China
Weight Internal Block (kg) 8.4
Weight outer block (kg) 27
Power cooling generated 3.6
Power heating is generated 3.7
Power cooling consumed (kW) 1.121
Power heating consumed (kW) 1.024
Cooling (BTU / h) 12283
Heating (BTU / h) 12624
EER Watt / Wt 3.21
COP W / W  3.61
External temperature (degrees) -7 ~  43
Froyn Type R410
Class A


The Manufacturer Reserves the Right to Change Product Specifications and Designs Without Prior Notice. The Shop is not Responsible for Changes Made by the Manufacturer.
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