Bose® QuietComfort® 35 Wireless Headphones II


Bose® QuietComfort® 35 Wireless Headphones II


Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II

USB cable

Audio cable for wired connection

Carrying case

Active Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth, With Remote and Mic, Inline Volume Control, Noise Cancelling, Stereo Bluetooth, Wireless

Form Factor: Over ear

Connections: Wireless

Bluetooth Compatibility: Bluetooth 2.0 Compatibility, Bluetooth 2.1, Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0

Power Source: Battery power

Batteries: Rechargeable Lithium Ion

Battery life: Approximately 20 hours.

Height: 7.1 in./18 cm

Length: 6.7 in./17 cm

Depth: 3.2 in./8 cm

The Manufacturer Reserves the Right to Change Product Specifications and Designs Without Prior Notice. The Shop is not Responsible for Changes Made by the Manufacturer.
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